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Press Release : ABC & CMA’s Members Support the Royal Government of Cambodia in the Battle Against Covid-19

Phnom Penh: To support the Royal Government of Cambodia in the battle against Covid-19, the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) and the Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) initiated to collect funds and medical supplies among its members to be donated to the Government and the people of Cambodia.

In this first phase, both associations gathered the following contributions:

1.      KHR 280,350,000 and USD 48,545, so a total of more than $100.000 

2.      Medical supplies (Alcohol canister (30L) = 50 Tanks, Hand Sanitized (5L) = 30 Tanks, Mask = 3,700 pieces) worth USD​ 6356

On Tuesday 7th April, both associations brought the contributions to the cabinet of the Prime Minister through H.E Seng Tieng, deputy director of the cabinet. The funds and medical supplies were collected as contributions by the two associations, together with their members from 16 banks and 31 microfinance institutions, financial leasing companies and rural credit institutions.

This is a difficult time for Cambodia as well as the rest of the world, and the two associations, together with members of the banking and microfinance institutions, have been actively engaged with the Royal Government to help the Cambodian people through this challenge. We are confident that together we will be able to overcome the difficulties soon.

It should be highlighted that while Cambodia is suffering from a Covid-19 outbreak, members of both associations have previously also donated charitable donations individually to the Royal Government of Cambodia in this fight against Covid-19.

Both associations will continue to welcome and facilitate for contributions from its members to support the Royal Government in the battle against Covid-19.