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Our Profile

The Association of Banks in Cambodia was formed in 1994 and is recognized by the Royal Government as the official organization to represent the country’s private banking sector. Our purpose is to promote constructive dialogue amongst member banks, and to serve as an industry voice to the public and the Government.

Our membership consists of local and foreign owned banks and branches. Membership in the Association is required under Chapter XXII of the Law on Banking and Financial Institutions, which states that all banks operating in Cambodia must belong “to a single professional association, whose Articles of Association shall have been endorsed by the supervisory authority.”

The Association meets at least once a month and more often if required by urgent matters. The Association also has regular working committees that focus on specific issues. Since 1998, the Association has been an active member of the ASEAN Bankers Association and participates in all of its meetings and functions.

Our Mission Statement:

The purposes of The Association of Banks in Cambodia (the “Association”) are to promote the development of the Cambodian financial system and to protect the legitimate interests of its members. The Association conducts its activities in close co-operation with the local and international authorities, associations, organizations and/or institutions and serves as a channel of communication between those institutions and the banking community to achieve its mission.

Our Objectives:

The objectives for which the Association is established are to further the interests of banking and financial institutions in Cambodia by all or any of the following means and by such other means as may from time to time seem expedient in the interests of the Association:

1. To promote the establishment of sound banking principles, structure and the best practices in Cambodia, in co-operation and consultation with local and international authorities, associations, organizations and/or institutions as maybe appropriate from time to time.
2. To carry out all of its functions and activities related to banking and finance and those which promote the reputation of the Association.
3. To render where possible such advice or assistance as may be deemed necessary and expedient to its Members.
4. To take note of events, statements and expression of opinions of Members, advise them thereon and to represent their interests by expressions of views thereon on their behalf, as may be deemed necessary and expedient.
5. To work in co-operation with similar associations elsewhere in the world.
6. To circulate information likely to be of interest to its members.
7. To promote education, research and development and training in all aspects of banking so as to upgrade the level of banking expertise in Cambodia including the establishment of a professional training institute of bankers, if deemed necessary.
8. To work in conjunction with any legal body or Chamber or Committee or Commission appointed or to be appointed for the consideration, drafting, amendment or alteration of any law or regulation relating to banking.
9. To promote the continuous modernization of the Cambodian banking system by organizing, managing and participating in all inter-bank activities, including the organization and development of inter-bank member and arrangements for sharing credit information among the Members of the Association, if deemed necessary, subject to the approval of the National Bank of Cambodia.
10. To represent the collective interests of the Members in relation to the National Bank of Cambodia and other government and official bodies including Chambers of Commerce and other business associations, and where appropriate international agencies and other organizations whose activities are either directly or indirectly related to the promotion and improvement of banking services in Cambodia. At the sole discretion of the Council, and where permitted by law and the regulations of the National Bank of Cambodia, the Association may assist the collective interests of the members by making representation in any courts, tribunals or judicial proceedings; provided, however, that the Association will not be party to any legal proceedings or claims imposed against any of its Members.
11. To make by-laws and rules in accordance with the objectives of the Association.
12. To provide and maintain premises for the purposes of the Association for the use of its Members and to provide social amenities, including meals and refreshments.
13. To protect the legitimate interests of members.
14. To actively participate in social activities and corporate social responsibility programs.
15. To promote public relationships.
16. To promote public awareness of financial literacy and banking products.
17. To promote consumer protection and complaint resolution.
18. To promote the banking code of conduct, lending guidelines and best practices of banking.
19. To establish its subsidiary/ies to do things which the Council may consider desirable or necessary in the interests of the Members of the Association.