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Meeting Between The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) & Thai Bankers Association (TBA)

Phnom Penh, 23rd July, 2020: The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) and Thai Bankers Association (TBA) was conducted a discussion meeting. The meeting was participated by Dr. In Channy, Mr. Bun Yin, Heng Koy, Khun Kobsak and CEO of TBA to discuss following points:

  • The two associations corporation.
  • Labor remittance into the formal system.
  • And the next steps: An Annual-Meeting of two associations will be held on October of 2020 for further discussions about corporation and any issues regarding to the cross-border payments between Cambodia-Thailand. This year meeting will be hosted by TBA via video conference and next year meeting will be hosted by ABC. The meeting will be participated by BoD or Council Members of the two associations.