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As the banking sector’s growth continues to accelerate and increase in sophistication, new banking products and services are also developed. Leasing and hire purchase products have been increasingly and prevalently used mainly for consumer goods financing. Both bank centric and mobile banking centric models are operating in Cambodia. Regardless of models or forms, mobile banking businesses are restricted and subject to the regulation and supervision of the National Bank of Cambodia to ensure the protection of customers.

Currently the following banking services are offered:

  • Deposits (savings, current and fixed accounts) in KHR, USD, THB, Euro. etc.
  • Loans: Commercial, SMEs, Housings, Consumers
  • Guarantee Service
  • Trustee Service
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travelers Cheques
  • Trade Finance: Letter of Credit
  • Local and international money transfer
  • ATM Service
  • International Credit Cards