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ABC & CMA Notices to Public About the Banks and FIs Operate the Services As Usual

ABC & CMA Notices to public about the Banks and FIs operate the services as usual and please all Banks and FIs help to circulated this notice to your clients and public:  

As instructed by the National Bank of Cambodia, ABC and CMA issue a joined-public-announcement to inform to public and clients about the normal operation of Banking and FI services. The Banks and FIs shall keep their operations as normal with their existing services with all/any of these main banking service channels: 

  1. Banks and FIs’ Branches/offices, open and provide services as usual from Mon-Friday and additional services till the morning of Saturday for some Commercial Banks,
  2. Electronic Banking: 24h/7days ATM Machine and POS  
  3. Internet Banking,
  4. Digital Mobile Banking.